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The USA Futsal Federation is the home of Original Futsal in the United States of America. We exist to grow the sport, educate, and improve player opportunities & representation at all levels. USA FUTSAL FEDERATION is sanctioned by AMF (Asociacion Mondiale de Futsal).

Leagues and programs that are currently sanctioned by USA Futsal Federation can be found on the following states:

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Northwest Region

  • Alaska Futsal

  • Colorado Futsal

  • Montana Futsal

  • Nevada Futsal   

  • Utah Futsal

  • Wyoming Futsal

SouthEast Region

  • Florida South East

  • Florida North East

  • Idaho Futsal

  • New Mexico Futsal

  • Texas South Futsal

  • Virginia Futsal

  • Delaware Futsal

  • Georgia Futsal  

  • Kentucky Futsal 

  • Louisiana Futsal 

  • Maryland Futsal 

  • Mississippi Futsal

MidWest Region

  • Illinois Futsal

  • Indiana Futsal

  • Iowa Futsal

  • Kansas Futsal

  • Michigan Futsal

  • Minnesota Futsal

  • Missouri Futsal

  • Nebraska Futsal

  • Dakota Futsal

  • Ohio Futsal

  • Wisconsin Futsal

South West Region

  • Florida North West

  • Florida South West

South Central Region

  • Arkansas Futsal

  • Florida Futsal

  • Florida South

  • Florida North

  • Florida Central

South Central Region

  • Texas North Futsal

  • Rhode Island Futsal

  • Texas South Futsal

  • Carolina Futsal

  • Tennessee Futsal

  • Virginia Futsal West

  • Virginia Futsal

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