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Player Safety Initiatives and Signing up
USA Futsal Federation Code of Conduct

Player Safety Initiatives — Protecting Young Athletes

U.S.A. Futsal Federation (USAFF) Code of Conduct applies to all staff, volunteers, members and participants who are involved or engaged with any sanctioned U.S. Futsal program, event, activity or competition. U.S. Futsal Code of Conduct Policy is intended to provide guidance in addition to but not replace any applicable state or federal laws. At U.S. Futsal, we observe high standards of conduct, and we expect all those participating with us to help maintain such high standards and assist in creating a safe environment.

All athletes deserve to play futsal and develop their skills in a positive environment which fosters their love of the game.

Zero Tolerance — It is extremely important to U.S. Futsal that players are able to participate in sports free from bullying, hazing, sexual misconduct or any form of emotional or physical abuse.

At U.S. Futsal, we are proud to work with U.S. Center for SafeSport — Safeguarding our athletes is our highest priority and is ingrained in our philosophy.  We are proud of our efforts to create a true, long-lasting positive impact on athlete wellbeing.

The SafeSport online training covers the following subjects: sexual abuse, hazing, bullying, emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, harassment (non-sexual) as well as reporting obligations. U.S. Futsal adheres to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Code of Ethics and Abuse-Prevention Standards and follows the protocols for the Sexual Abuse Prevention and Reporting Procedures.

Effective as of August 1st, all coaches, staff members and team officials are required to be SafeSport trained. It is imperative that everyone connected to U.S. Futsal understand their responsibilities and reporting obligations as required by law. To SIGN UP at NO COST please, click on SIGN-UP and use the following code: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M

As coaches, team volunteers, officials or team staff members of U.S. Futsal, you are eligible to take the approximate 90 minute training course for free. (You do not have to pay the $20 per person fee for the SafeSport Training Course.)

U.S. Futsal, as an organization, is committed to creating and maintaining an environment where everyone who participates in USYF programs and activities can work and learn together without free from any form of abusive misconduct.

Any form of harassment; psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual harassment (verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which is unwelcome, or where consent is coerced, manipulated or cannot be given) will not be tolerated.  Harassment may be deliberate, unsolicited and coercive.

Further details and examples of what can constitute harassment and abuse can be found in the SafeSport Code PDF below.

What is SafeSport?

The U.S. Center for SafeSport is the first and only national organization of its kind focused on ending all forms of abuse in sport while carrying out its mission of making athlete well-being the centerpiece of our nation’s sports culture through abuse prevention, education and accountability. As an independent non-profit headquartered in Denver, CO, the Center provides services to sport entities on abuse prevention techniques, policies and programs and provides a safe, professional and confidential place for individuals to report sexual abuse within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

The Center has the exclusive authority to investigate and resolve sexual allegations and misconduct within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements and its 49 national governing bodies (NGBs). Any finding the Center has must be upheld and enforced across the Movements and by the NGBs.

More than 367,000 people completed our online SafeSport Training.

For more information please visit

Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport:

If you are a parent looking for resources on keeping your athlete safe, you can access the Parent Training at no cost. Simply create an account at

Fact Sheet – Protecting Young Victims

SafeSport Code

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