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USAFF National Teams

USAFF National Teams are an area of focus and emphasis in the USA Futsal Federation. The USAFF National Team Platform is composed of a strong and professional coaching base and 3 pillars. The 3 pillars are the Youth National Team, Women’s National Team, and Men’s National Team. Coaching delegations consist of a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Physio, Team Manager, and an Executive Leader such as the President, Vice President, CEO or Secretary General.

USA FUTSAL National Team Player Selection

                                    USAFF National Team Players are identified through an extensive process. 


What is the program and how it works:

Player Selection: 

Selection process:

1. State Associations will host Local ID Camps where players are ranked and recommended to the Regional Camp/Pool.

2. Top Players indicated by the National Team Staff and scouts are ranked and placed into a Regional Pool and invited into a Regional Camp. Players may be invited directly into the National Team Camp at the discretion of the National Team Staff.

3. Top Players on the Regional Pool are ranked by the National Team Staff and scouts and are placed into a National Pool.

4. National Pool Players are invited into National Camp, where the National Team is chosen. Players not selected into certain competitions will remain on the pool and continue to participate on additional National Team training until otherwise notified.

National Teams of various age groups will be eligible to participate in AMF (Associacion Mondiale de Futsal) international competitions as well as additional international competitions in the US and abroad seeking to continue the overall development and exposure of our athletes.

In order for players and coaches to participate at any event including ID Camps they must be registered with USAFF.

To Register as a player or coach please register HERE.

Costs: The costs for the State ID camp will be listed on the registration and may vary from State to State.

The Costs for the Regional and National Camps will be additional to the costs of the State ID Camp. Those costs will be sent once the invitations to the Regional or National Pool /Camp are sent.

Location: State ID Camps will be located within the State Association. Regional ID Camps will be announced and National ID Camps will be located initially in Florida.

When: USAFF National Calendar will follow school calendars and each state association will communicate events with their participants. You may also check at our website the calendar of events.


Key Dates to remember:

- State ID Camps August-December.

- January - USAFF International Tournament Florida

- Regional and National Camps from December-July.

- July 2nd part of the month- USAFF National Tournament and Showcase.

- Regional and National Team Events will occur throughout the year.

    National Team Selection and next ID camps will happen on the following locations:


    2023/2024 SEASON ID CAMPS



  • Northeast Florida: Jacksonville, FL

  • Central Florida: Orlando, FL 

  • New York

  • East PA: Philadelphia, PA

  • Oklahoma

  • Oregon

  • Central Texas: Houston, TX

  • Utah

The format of player ID Camps are set-up to evaluate and showcase players talents and abilities. Player’s experience 1 vs 1 all the way to 5 vs 5 team play. Multiple coaches and staff members are on hand to assist with & ensure the evaluative process is a valuable experience for the player and the National Team Program.














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