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USAFF Tournament Rules

Teams are grouped by ages. Teams advance based on wins and by using the following rules: Teams earn three points for a win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss. If a tie occurs, the following criteria applies:

1) Total Points Scored

2) Goal Differential (Total Goals Scored minus Total Goals Allowed).

3) Accumulated Penalties (Total Yellow, Red and Blue cards against a team - Blue Card minus 3 points, Red Card minus 2 points, and Yellow card minus 1 point).

4) Penalty kicks using current A.M.F. rules. Initial round of five alternating penalty kicks per team, followed by as many rounds as necessary to determine a winner.

Players Information

No player may play on more than one team per tournament

Coaches Information:

Regional and National Tournaments are operated according to the U.S.A. Futsal Federation Rules of the game, as published on the USAFF website at:

Futsal Tournament Rules

Teams must be at their Court at least ten minutes prior to their match, and present their USAFF Player Passes to the official at the Court, as well as a copy of their Team Roster (which clearly identifies each player’s Jersey Number and the player’s Name). Upon completion of the match each coach must collect the player passes from the Scorekeeper. Any forfeit is recorded as a 5-0 score, thus resulting in 3 points being awarded to the winning team. If any team drops out of the tournament after the start of play of one match but not all matches, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to declare all of that team’s matches as forfeits if it is in the interests of fairness to all teams in a group. All disputes must be resolved in a timely manner. Only the match Referee’s may change/correct errors. Do Not approach the Scorekeeper at any time in an attempt to make a correction. Halftime scores cannot be challenged after play begins in the second half, and coaches must sign match cards immediately after matches to verify the scores. If a player or coach is ejected an automatic one match suspension (the next match) at a minimum will be enforced. A USAFF representative will maintain possession of the player / coach pass until the suspension is served. The U.S.A. Futsal Federation Tournament Disciplinary Committee will review all incident(s) involving any ejection. Upon review of the incident, the player or coach may be suspended for more than one match. At halftime each team will change benches. This ensures that all substitutions take place in each team’s defensive half of the court. 2 The Referee will determine which team kicks off by manner of a coin flip. Make sure that your team is on the court immediately following the previous match and ready to begin play. Each team must take the court immediately after the team before it has left the “Home” and “Away” team area. A minimum of four players plus the keeper constitutes a team. In order for a match to begin at least 3 players plus the keeper must be on the court ready to play or else a forfeit will be awarded to the team with the required number of players. If neither team has enough players to begin play the official must declare a double forfeit. Each team will be permitted one 30 second time-out per half. The ball must roll forward, completely off of the midfield line before it can be played / passed back into the defensive half of that team's side of the floor. If the ball is passed backward or sideways and it does not roll forward, this results in the opposite team kicking off next. No goalkeeper may distribute the ball across midfield. If the ball touches another player prior to landing on that team’s offensive half of the court, that is permissible. If the ball lands across the midfield as thrown by the keeper, this infraction results in an indirect kick for the opposing team at midfield where the ball crossed the midfield line. Also note that a team CANNOT score directly from a kickoff. Such kicks are considered indirect and if taken will result in a goal clearance. Coaches are ONLY permitted to stand on the touchline in front of their bench during the match. Players and other personnel on the sideline must remain seated. If the coach and other personnel do not comply, this may result in the coach being warned or if he/she persists they may be ejected from the match. Player substitutions must take place in front of your player’s bench. Please remember that a player must completely exit the court before another player can enter the court. Any infraction of this rule may result in a yellow card violation. A player must distribute the ball within 4 seconds of any restart and the goalkeeper must distribute the ball within 4 seconds whenever the keeper is in possession of the ball. The player’s feet must be stationary and placed on the touchline or behind it when the ball is thrown back into play with a throw in. The player’s feet must also be on the touchline, or slightly off the court when a corner throw in occurs. A violation of this will result in a possession turnover. Following each game, coaches are required to report to the official and verify the official Game card to ensure the score is correctly recorded. Remember to collect Player Passes also. At no time are spectators allowed on the court or playing surface, and no one is allowed behind either end line or near the goal. All teams must shake hands at the end of each game as a gesture of friendship and sportsmanship. Regional and National Championship rosters may include up to 12 participating players. The Rules & Disciplinary Committee reserves the right to decide on any/all matters and its interpretation of these rules are final.

Rules & Disciplinary Committee

Under no circumstances will the Tournament Committee or staff be responsible for any part of any expenses, including tournament fees, incurred by any team due to, but not limited to, part or total cancellation of a tournament. Each tournament committee will consist of a minimum of the following three personnel: Tournament Director, Co-Director, and Tournament Operations Officer. Our goal is to make each event an enjoyable experience for everyone. On behalf of U.S.A. Futsal Federation, we wish your team the best of success on and off the court. Remember the importance of sportsmanship, consideration of others, and the honor of your team/club. Most of all, Have Fun!

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