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USAFF National Team History


The USAFF National Team program got its start in 2017 and teams began international play in 2018. Here is a list of the events / Futsal World Cups that Team USA took part in:

2018 – USAFF Men’s National Team, AMF International Club Cup in Mexico City

2018 – USAFF c20 Boys World Cup in Columbia

2019 – USAFF Men’s National Team, World Cup in Argentina

2020 – No events due to COVID

2021 – USAFF c15 Boys World Cup in Paraguay

Stay updated with the USAFF National Teams on the USAFF facebook page – HERE

At the time of this update, we have 2 National Team events that we are planning for and invited to by AMF, they are; the Men’s International Club Tournament in Mexico – September 2022 and the Women’s World Cup in Columbia – October 2022.

USAFF National Teams are not subsidized by federal funding. All funding for the USAFF is solicited for and raised by grass roots efforts to support the sport in an organic manner. Donations are accepted, encouraged, and requested frequently in order to keep operational costs manageable and transparent to all stakeholders.

All inquiries for information related to the USAFF National Team Program should be addressed to:

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